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Gradual Men's Fashion Collar Long Sleeve Shirt

Gradual Men's Fashion Collar Long Sleeve Shirt

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Modern Gradual Design Make a statement with the gradual design that adds a contemporary twist to your ensemble. Embrace the unique style and stand out from the crowd with our fashion-forward shirts.

Versatile Streetwear Our long sleeve shirts effortlessly blend streetwear charm with simplicity. Whether you're out and about or hanging with friends, these shirts elevate your casual look to the next level.

Fashionable Collar Enhance your style with the fashionable collar that adds a touch of refinement to your outfit. The collar complements the hip hop flair, making our shirts perfect for any occasion.

Material: Cotton,Polyester,Spandex,Polyester Fiber

Material: Cotton,lyocell,Stretch & Spandex,Spandex,Polyamide



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