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Double-sided Non-slip Fixing Sticker

Double-sided Non-slip Fixing Sticker

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Double-sided Non-slip Fixing Sticker, Fixed without needle, invisible without a trace. Multicolor and is available in both round and rectangular styles. Suitable for various occasions such as floor mat, table, chair, and sofa. Does not leave any marks, does not damage the goods surfaces.

Troubles in life

Are you comfortable with the traditional Sofa fixing mode?


  • WIDE RANGE OF USES: You can apply it to a lot of places, like sofas, rugs, sheets, and more, you name it.

  • DITCH VELVET DOUBLE-SIDED: Repeatedly paste more than ten thousand times.

  • MULTICOLOR OPTIONAL: It is reliable and durable. Two colors are available.


  • Type: 1 Set has five pairs, 1 pair = Hook face + sticky face.
  • Material: PVC+non-marking glue.
  • Number: 1 Set/ 5 Set/ 10 Set.
  • Rectangle Size: 60 x 40mm.
  • Style: Rectangle/ Circular.
  • Circular Size: 60 x 60mm.
  • Weight: 10g/ 1 Set.


  • 20 pc x Antiskid Pad For Sofa Cushions.


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