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Portable & Automatic Fly Fan

Portable & Automatic Fly Fan

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Is there always flies crawl around your food when picnic or outdoor party?


Very Suitable for Kitchen & Picnic & Outdoor Party 

😀100% Chemical Free & Odor Free

👍Extended Design make it easy to carry

😊Enjoy your outdoor meal and keep flies away!

【Working Principle】The holographic pattern on the blades of the fly deterrent fan for the table refracts light as it rotates to irritate the fly's eyes and creates wind as the blades rotate, both of which are danger signals for flies and keep them away from your food and drink.

【Portable Table Fly Fan】The table fan is powered by 2 AA batteries (the batteries are not included in the package). Made of ABS material, compared with other fly fans, a fan has enhanced power and effective driving ranges up to 15 inches.

Fly Repellent Fans

【Safe Soft Blades】The fan blade of the fly-away fan is made of soft PVC, and the fan blade rotates 360 degrees evenly and regularly. The touch blade is flexible, if something touches it, the soft fan blade will stop without hurting your hand, and then resume immediately after the obstacle is removed.

Soft Blades Fly Fan

The fan blades are 15.7 inches which provide a larger working area, and refracts or bends light as it spins. These soft-touch blades are flexible and designed to immediately stop when being touched.

Fly Fan for Outdoor

【Unique Design】With a hook design on the bottom, you can choose to place it on the table or hang it up, and protect your food anywhere. Tips: Once installation is completed, the fly trap fans can not shrink after stretching.

【Enjoy Your Food】You can enjoy talking with your family while dining without having to swat flies all the time, it's a fly deterrent fan without smell without noise and you can enjoy the food without any annoying noises. No more nasty, disgusting insects crawling on your sweet treats!

Portable Food Fly Fan for Outdoor Party


1*Portable & Automatic Fly Fan


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