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Cat Litter Collector

Cat Litter Collector

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After using the toilet, cats often take sand or hygiene pellets with them, which makes the area around the toilet messy and unhygienic. With the help of a mat that catches sand through small holes and allows you to easily pour it back into the toilet, keep the room clean and tidy.

  • This mat is water and urine resistant.
  • The sand passes through the holes in the pad, so you can easily pour it back into the toilet bowl.
  • The mat has a practical handle for easy grip.
  • It has a drain hole.
  • Cleaning is simple and can be done with water or a vacuum cleaner.
  • The mat has a non-slip floor mat and is gentle on sensitive cat paws.
  • It is made of safe and soft materials that do not contain BPA.
  • The package contains one cat toilet mat.

Say goodbye to the messy space around the cat litter box!

This extraordinary and innovative mat is designed so that the sand from the cat's litter box falls through its holes and into its interior. You can then easily pour the contents of the liner back into the toilet.

The mat for the cat litter box, which has anti-slip properties, is waterproof

The lining is resistant to water and urine due to the double-layer fabric.

The materials used are of exceptional quality and safety

The cat litter tray is made of premium EVA material and is BPA free.

More details

The package contains:
1x cat toilet mat

Place the mat next to the cat's litter box. When the cat leaves the toilet, it often brings some sand, which then falls through the holes and gets caught on the mat. Simply grab the pad by the handle and dump the sand back into the toilet bowl.


40 x 50 cm


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